The North Zone, Grand Valley Ranger District is planning a prescribed burn on the Uncompahgre Plateau. The goal of this project is to increase the resiliency and reproduction of native ponderosa pine stands, reduce the threat of wildfire and improve wildlife habitat. The burn area is about 15 air miles East of Gateway CO. The project consists of six separate units totaling 846 acres. The Divide Road (FS 402) and the junction of the Uranium Road (FS404) is where the majority of units are located. Forest Service fire crews and engines will be the primary resources conducting this burn. This will depend on weather conditions being favorable. Ignition will be done primarily by hand with ground resources. Anticipated days of ignition could be up to three days. Majority of smoke impacts would be during the afternoon into evening of each ignition day. There could be some light smoke impacts localized to the immediate area for a few days after ignition of units is complete. Some residual burning within the units is expected but likely not significant. The communities of Gateway, Unaweep Canyon, White Water, Grand Junction, and Delta may experience some smoke impact. Ventilation and dispersion is expected to be good so minimal impacts are anticipated for these communities.

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