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6:40pm Update – June 12, 2020 6:40p

As of 5:00p, the Squirrel Rock Fire in Cedaredge is estimated to be 90% contained. Crews will continue to work until full containment.

All residents in the High Park Road area can return to their residences. No closures at this point, but please exercise caution in the High Park Road areas due to traffic from firefighters.

Thank you to all Delta County firefighters, along with partners from the USFS, BLM, and DFPC for their assistance on this fire!

10:40a Update – June 12, 2020 10:40a

According to Incident Command with the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC), the Squirrel Rock Fire is approximately 50% contained this morning and firefighters hope to have 100% containment by the end of the day. Fire crews remain on-scene working the fire with approximately 60 firefighters from local, state and federal agencies.

The fire is contained entirely on private land and DFPC will continue to utilize their helicopter to assist in water drops today. All residents are able to return to their homes and evacuation orders were lifted last night about 10 pm. High Park Road is closed to public access at this time at Williams Creek Road to allow firefighters access to the area. We ask that the public please avoid the Brimstone Road/High Park Road area so fire trucks can access the fire. These roads are narrow, and people parking along the roads to watch the fire restricts access for fire trucks.

Thank you to all the firefighters for their quick response, and hard work late into the night, on this fire.


10:04pm Update – June 11, 2020 10:04p

The Delta County Sheriff’s Office is lifting the evacuation order for all areas except for homes north of the intersection at High Park Road and Williams Creek Road.

Residents on Ward Creek Road north of Uintah Road (20700 to 21000 block of Ward Creek Rd) can return but should be prepared to evacuate if needed. All other areas are free to return to their homes.

Please exercise caution and watch for emergency vehicles in the area. Firefighters continue to fight the fire but have made significant progress.

Updates will be available in the morning. If you need assistance call 9 1 1 or dispatch at 874-2015.


7:30pm  Update – June 11th, 2020 7:30pm

The Squirrel Rock Fire has grown to 40 acres. The firefighters on the ground are receiving air support from 1 helitanker, 1 helicopter and 2 single engine air-tankers; they are currently using retardant to slow the fire’s spread and water to suppress it.
While this fire is not yet contained, those fighting the fire have a good handle on it; the evacuation order could be lifted in a few hours.





Update: June 11, 2020 6:20p

Local, State, and Federal resources are on the scene of the Squirrel Rock Fire located 5 miles North of Cedaredge. Please avoid the area so fire resources can access the area safely.







Cedaredge area residents- The Delta County Sheriff’s Office is issuing an evacuation order for the Cedaredge area between High Park Road and east to Highway 65, south to Brimstone Road and Ward Creek Road. If you live in this area, you are asked to evacuate the area to a safe place. The Fire department is on scene, additional information will be shared as it becomes available.
Delta County Dispatch can be reached at 874-2015 for more information or via 911.

4pm Report of Fire

Delta County dispatch and the Sheriff’s Office are aware of the fire that has started North of Cedaredge in the High Park Road/Squirrel Rock Road Area. Cedar edge Fire Department is on-scene as well as deputies. They are working to get a handle on the fire. Please avoid the area so fire fighters can access the area safely. PLEASE DO NOT CALL 911, as we are aware of the fire. We will post more information as it becomes available.

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